JRMPC 2023

The College Edition


JRMPC 2023 is a national programming competition open to all Canadian college/university students. This online competition, where you participate remotely, is based entirely on the Smalltalk programming language.

We’re offering three prizes:

First Prize is $1,250.

Second Prize is $750.

Third Prize is $500.

Registration is free. Your email address will be the exclusive point of contact for all notifications and solution submissions. When you register, you must provide proof of college/university enrolment.

Registration opens on September 6, 2022 and closes on November 1, 2022. Registration is limited to 250 students in order to keep the competition manageable.

The actual competition is on Saturday, February 4, 2023. From the close of registration to this competition date, you will develop your (hopefully winning) program.

JRMPC, or The James Robertson Memorial Programming Competition, was created to celebrate the life of James Robertson, one of the greatest advocates of the Smalltalk programming language.

For more information about Smalltalk, visit https://smalltalk.tech.blog/.

Special video tutorials for JRMPC 2023 are available here.

Toronto Metropolitan University and LabWare are the two principal sponsors of JRMPC 2023. Toronto Metropolitan, located in Toronto, is one of Canada’s major universities. They do leading research in Smalltalk development.

LabWare, located in Wilmington DE, is the world’s leader in laboratory automation.

A special shout out to GemTalk Systems, which has been a loyal patron of JRMPC.

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