Competition Format

JRMPC 2023 will be using a modern derivative of Smalltalk called Pharo. The competition is based on a popular family game called Qwirkle. Here are a couple of videos to explain the rules of the game: You will be programming to a server API and playing against a robot. The program that racks up the […]


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The Smalltalk Programming Language

Smalltalk is one of the greatest programming languages ever created. It was the first language to popularize object-oriented programming, the most widely used paradigm in the software industry. It pioneered many of the software innovations that we enjoy today, including the language virtual machine, JIT compilation, the modern IDE (integrated development environment), the MVC architectural […]

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The James Robertson Memorial Programming Competition

JRMPC, or The James Robertson Memorial Programming Competition, was created to celebrate the life of James Robertson, one of the greatest advocates of the Smalltalk programming language. His contributions were most recognized in his wonderful instructional videos, as well as his blogs and podcasts (Industry Misinterpretations and Independent Misinterpretations). Here is Cincom’s tribute: Saying Good-bye […]

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